FundingCEO Branded


FundingCEO Branded

$10,000 Financing Available!

  • 1. High-Level branded affiliate website to launch your own business.
  • 2. 50% Commission on FastUnsecured success fees for your clients.
  • 3. Profit Margin = 33% on all products and Services.
  • 4. Standard Pricing set by (No Upward Price Control).
  • 5. 2 Merchant Accounts for accepting Credit Cards.
  • 6. Free 2+ Year Old Aged Corporation with all Credit-Ready Features.
  • 7. 100% FREE Success Fees for Funding yourself and your New Business.
  • 8. 500 Initial Leads Database provided so you can start selling immediately.
  • 9. 4-Hour Initial Product and Sales Training + 4 Hour Initial Support Training.
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FundingCEO Branded Website Template


Option 1 is designed specifically to get you operating as a legitimate Business Funding Firm – the {Your Name} Funding CEO.

We make it easier than ever to get your business started and making money.

We begin by setting you up with a high-quality, professionally-designed, FundingCEO-branded website. This part of the process typically takes us about a week. In the meantime, we show you how to make the most of your new business.

Option 1 Key Benefits:

  1. High-Level Branded Affiliate Website to launch your own business – professionally designed, completely customized and initiated with Search Engine Optimization and key words to assure its popularity in definitive searches.
  2. 50% Commission on Success Fees for Any Client You Submit to for unsecured funding will earn you 50% commission on all success fees collected from the client on approved credit accounts.  You don’t have to do anything other than submit the online application. We do absolutely everything else including collecting from your client into your bank account.
  3. Profit Margin = 33% on All Products and Services. You buy all products and services from us at 33% OFF.
  4. Standard Pricing Set by FundingCEO (No Upward Price Control). We have arrived at our pricing scientifically, so in Option 1, you would offer products under our approved and published pricing guidelines.
  5. 2 Merchant Accounts for Accepting Credit Cards.  We provide all of the tools required for a merchant processing company to approve you for accepting credit card payments into your bank account.
  6. Free 2+ Year Old Aged Corporation with all Credit-Ready Features. Your business will be incorporated using an aged shelf corporation from our inventory, providing you with credit history and structural benefits that protect your personal assets.
  7. 100% FREE Success Fees for funding yourself and your new business. We waive the normal success fees for assisting you in getting high limit, low interest-rate unsecured credit cards that you can use for your business or other personal goals.
  8. 500 Initial Leads Database is provided so you can start selling immediately.  These hot leads come in daily, from prospects who are having positive reactions to our marketing campaigns and directly benefit you with as many as you require.
  9. 4-Hour Initial Product and Sales Training + 4 Hour Initial Support Training by our experts who are serving every day supporting sales calls, customers and you!

When you choose FundingCEO and Option 1, you become a legitimate source of financing for your clients. In fact, Option 1 comes standard with a 2-year-old Aged Corporation with numerous credit-ready features that give you an immediate presence in the industry and 2 potential creditors as well.

We know that starting your own Business Funding Firm is an investment, which is why our FundingCEOs are allowed to enjoy zero success fees when they use to fund themselves or their new business. With standard pricing that is set and controlled by FundingCEO, your clients can have confidence when buying from you because the price is competitive and they are getting the benefit of their business relationship with you. We give our new FundingCEOs 500 leads when they register, providing them with the ability to start selling products and services immediately.

After the website setup process, the real business begins. We provide you with comprehensive sales and support training – courses which require only 8 hours total of your valuable time.

Apply NOW to become a FundingCEO — Its time to BE Your Own Boss.

FundingCEO branded stationary

option1 timelinePersonalized – Professional – Elegant

When we develop your graphic look and identity for your website, we take that “look and feel” over to the same stationery and business cards you will use to represent your company to your clients.  Your colors, your logo, even your portrait can appear on a unified statement about who you are and what you stand for – elegance, respect, responsibility and professionalism.

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