Credit-Ready Aged Corporations. Delivered SAME-DAY & Ready for Funding.

Acquiring a Credit-Ready Aged Corporation is the fastest and most effective path to achieving significant approvals for unsecured business financing and instantly overcoming the two-year minimum time in business requirement that makes it next to impossible for start-up businesses to be approved for any amount of financing.

“Shelf Corporations” – also called “Aged Corporations” are legal corporate entities which were incorporated and left to sit on the “shelf” waiting for a buyer, for two years to many more.

We are WholesaleShelfCorporations.com, and we maintain a extensive list of credit-ready aged corporations, which can be easily purchased, set up and operational within 24 hours.  These Aged Corporations retain their historical formation date which, when purchased by a new buyer, maintains that old, original date as the birthdate of the business.

Companies from all over the world use this method for expanding their capabilities, their value and their credit worthiness.  Companies like Google, Apple, IBM, Ford, VW all have bought other corporations and combined their history to become more capable and more credit-worthy.  Now, customers of WholesaleShelfCorporation can duplicate those business strategies by purchasing Aged Credit-Ready Shelf Corporations for their own benefit.

With the largest inventory of aged corporations anywhere in the United States, they are the only sellers that offer aged corporations that are completely credit-ready.

Ready to find out more? Visit WholesaleShelfCorporations.com.  There is no obligation, just opportunity!

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