Full White-Label


Full White-Label

$30,000 Financing Available!

  • 1. High-Level Custom (White-Label) Affiliate Website to launch your Own Business.
  • 2. 50% Commission on FastUnsecured Success Fees for your Clients.
  • 3. Profit Margin = 33% to 200%. You Control the Prices.
  • 4. Pricing Mark-Ups (Upward Price Control) allowed up to 200% to Maximize Profit Margins.
  • 5. 2 Merchant Accounts for accepting Credit Cards.
  • 6. Free 2+ Year Old Aged Corporation with all Credit-Ready Features.
  • 7. 100% FREE FastUnsecured.com Success Fees for Funding yourself and your New Business.
  • 8. 500 Initial Leads Database provided so you can start selling immediately.
  • 9. 4-Hour Initial Product and Sales Training + 4 Hour Initial Support Training.
  • 10. You handle Customer Service. See Optional Add-On Customer Service Agent(s) below.
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Fundingceo affiliate website template

funding-ceo-option-2-template1Our Option 2 is a Full White Label Solution and  is designed to give our Funding CEOs the white-glove treatment. It features a number of high-quality products and services which streamline the process. The goal of Option 2 is to help you own your own unique brand name and business,  have full control over your brand and your reputation. With $30,000 in financing available to most clients, FundingCEO.com makes it simple to get started right away.

The setup process takes only 30 days to complete, giving clients the opportunity to get started quickly.  To go along with the website, you will receive a professionally designed logo and identity package, including stationery and business cards tastefully designed and printed for you, with your photo on the business card.

In addition, Option 2 comes with 100% free success fees from FastUnsecured.com when you accept funding for your new business. Funding CEOs also receive a free two-year-old Aged Corporation as part of the Option 2 package, which gives you more credibility in the industry for which you are becoming part. We also set up 2 different merchant accounts for you, designed to make credit card payments to your own business bank account quicker, easier, and more secure.

Option 2 White Label Key Benefits

In addition to everything in Option 1;

  1. High-Level Custom (White-Label) Affiliate Website to launch your Own Business. This Site will be completely customized and personalized exactly for you, professionally designed, and initiated with Search Engine Optimization and key words to assure its popularity in definitive searches.
  2. Profit Margin = 33% to 200%. You Control the Prices. We still fulfill the orders for you under your name, you take your profit immediately upon the product being purchased and paid and pay us the fixed wholesale cost.
  3. Pricing Mark-Ups (Upward Price Control) allowed up to 200% to maximize your profit margins.
  4. 4 Hour Initial Product and Sales Training plus 4 Hour Initial Support Training.
  5. You Handle Customer Service. Check out our Optional Add-On Customer Service Agents on the  Home Page.

All purchasers of Option 2 are able to control the prices of their goods and services to receive the following perks: 

    • An impressive 33% – 200% profit margin (using upward price mark-up control)
  • 500 leads from the database to begin selling immediately

In addition, an Option 2 purchaser receives a custom designed corporate identity package, including stationery, logo, business cards and graphics for use on any promotional items you choose. Enjoy the benefits of our Option 2 while you also become more educated with our complimentary Sales and Support Training courses which are just 4 short hours each. To round it all out, we also give you the power to customize your business and customer service platform with optional add-on customer service agents.

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Fundingceo branded stationary

option1 timelineElegance and professionalism personified in everything your client sees about your business.

When we develop your graphic look and identity for your website, we take that “look and feel” over to the same stationery and business cards you will use to represent your company to your clients.  Your colors, your logo, even your portrait can appear on a unified statement about who you are and what you stand for – elegance, respect, responsibility and professionalism.

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