CEO Earnings

A Proven Formula

You will receive 500 hot leads immediately, as well as a script and training to begin selling right away.

How Much Can YOU Earn?

Well, with this opportunity, the amount of money you can earn is up to you.  Check out our CEO Profit calculator app, from the link on the side of this page.

You can easily follow along, put in your choices as to how many leads you can work in a day, enter different values to see how your profit increases as you manage more leads and close more sales.   

Let’s assume you work 30 leads in a day.  And let’s say your closing rate is going to be an average 10%.  With an average sale of $3,000, and a 33% profit margin,  your monthly Gross Profit is $89,100!

Now, imagine that you hire an ace sales person who can close deals for you.  After you pay your monthly leads cost, usually around $6 each for good prospects, and you pay your sales person a 10% commission, you subtract those costs from your total sales and you still have $74,790 in your pocket each month for essentially managing the work flow.

If your investment was in Option 1 – your investment is returned within the first month and your annual ROI is 4,480%!  If you invested in our White Label Option, you can adjust the markup and commissions and make it back even faster.

Make more calls, work longer hours, and you will multiply your income possibilities.  The sky is your limit.

Break Away from the Limitations of Selling YOUR Time

People with daily jobs are limited by how many hours they can work in a day, and how much someone will pay for those hours.  This is a simple economic fact.  But we have all watched the executives go up to the higher floors in the elevator, and we know that they make a little bit from everyone who produces for them.

Standing next to the executives are the Sales People – the folks who make the deals and get a piece of each one. These people have broken free of the salary game and you can too!

The Law of Extraordinary Income tells us that there is a limit on what can be paid for labor. However, there are no limits on profits and commissions.

You just need a proven system that can generate sales, and therefore profits.

The extraordinary advantage of this opportunity is that you are the executive, the CEO and the VP of Sales.  You don’t even need to have a support staff –  all  fulfillment is provided by our skilled and well-trained professionals.

YOU Can Start Making Money Right Away

We give you everything you need to start operating from Day 1 – 500 initial Hot Sales Leads.  Discount on Success Fees for funding, a 2 year old Aged Corporation, your personal website, Merchant Accounts, Product and Sales Training …  you are launched for success.  Becoming the CEO of a financing business can be very lucrative for both inexperienced and seasoned entrepreneurs. Live the life of your dreams by taking control of your own future, using our pre-packaged kit which has been put together for you by savvy experts and tested over time. No earning caps, no limits – just you and your new business, and your willingness to strike it rich with a legitimate venture.

Free Product, Sales and Customer Service Training for YOU

Launching a new business often requires a lot of work, but the earning potential is typically well worth the effort. However, the amount of money that any given CEO makes depends heavily on his ability to apply what he knows and use what he is given. That’s why our FundingCEO packages offer clients 4-hour-long Product, Sales, and Customer Service Training Courses for free. We hand you the tools to control your own income using our interlaced system of brands which are already highly respected in the industry.

A True Turn-Key Business, with Merchant Processing Funnels Turned on for YOU

Quickly assimilating your new branded business into the existing market is made easy with our conveniently designed package options which include two merchant accounts set up for you ahead of time. In fact, each business armed with an arsenal of money-making support products and services, so becoming an instant CEO with the earnings to match is easy.  Our turn-key options let you become the legitimate CEO of your very own funding firm, and comes complete with a unique Corporate Identity Package which includes attractively branded and fully customized business cards and letterheads, your own custom designed website and personalized domain name.

Spending Time on Sales Makes YOU the Most Money

We know from experience that focusing on sales – working the leads we give you, developing your own among your business network, and attracting more through marketing programs we initiate for you means you don’t waste time with structure or day-to-day operations.  You focus on closing sales, and we handle the rest. We do the due diligence, the processing and the production.  You collect your profits.  Best of all, we are completely invisible to your clients.

YOU Control Your Profit Margins

If you invest in our While Label Option, you can control pricing and profit margins. Buying at 33% discount, you can mark up to more than double the regular price; for example, a product or service priced at $1,000 will only cost you $666, you can sell it for up to $2,000, which brings in $1,334 in profit on a $2,000 sale, which is 150% profit.  All products are designed with YOUR custom funding brand.

So how much money can you expect to make? In reality, the only qualifications to start earning impressive amounts of cash are dedication, ethics, and sales experience. We give you 500 highly interested, organic leads to help get you started making money immediately. While we  have strict price controls in Option 1, if you  invest in Option 2, you have full control in what you can charge your clients.

Manage everything on your own to freely steer your business in the best direction. Adjust prices on your end to increase or decrease profit margins, and enjoy privately discounted prices when you become a Funding CEO.

Financing your start-up is simple and affordable through our specialized funding program. Take advantage of zero success fees for funding your OWN FundingCEO business on

YOUR Bottom Line

What you earn as a CEO is totally up to you. We give you a turn-key, ready-to-go infrastructure that is fully integrated with our CRM system and databases. Our Options give you the power to hold onto the reins of your own company, but we always have customer support specialists on call just in case you have questions along the way.

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