Why Funding CEO Is The Best Alternative To Work From Home

Many people dream of working from home. The convenience and low cost of managing a business from home is attractive to so many people. You can avoid commuting while working in your favorite room and traffic jams become a thing of the past. Thanks to technological advances and the existence of innovative business opportunities, working from home is easier than ever to achieve.


Maybe you’re one of those individuals who want to start a business but you are not sure how to do it. You want to work from home while also reaching the financial goals you set in place. You know you have business capabilities and you want to be your own boss, thus exploiting all your potential with a profitable work from home plan—there’s just one issue. You’re not sure where to start.


You have two options if you are reading this:


You can either evaluate and test many options, which will take time and money. Or you can start today with a proven business model in a booming industry such as FundingCEO.


In the following paragraphs you will find 5 reasons why FundingCEO is the best way to work from home:


1. You can launch your own business instantly and be your own boss.


With Funding CEO you will get a fully functional legal entity in the form of an aged corporation of at least two years that brings the benefits of being credit-ready to protect your personal assets. We also provide you with two merchant accounts to accept credit cards from your customers and we supply all the tools required for a merchant processing company to approve you for accepting credit card payments into your bank account.


As a FundingCEO branded company you will obtain a high-level FundingCEO.com affiliate website and a high ranking on Google for your personal brand. Additionally, if you choose to pick the Full-White Label program you get your own website designed with your own logo and company name completely customized to show off your own brand with our product lines. You will also receive stationary, business cards and graphics with your brand image. Your website will also be SEO optimized to increase your online visibility.


In addition, you will be entitled to obtain financing from FastUnsecured.com with no success fees involved, either for you or for your new business. You will get low interest rate-unsecured credit cards that you can use for your business and other personal goals.


2. The product you sell is money, and everybody needs money.


With FundingCEO.com you become a legitimate source of funding for your clients. The products and services you will offer include credit repair, funding and business loans and credit improvement products. All of these products have been time-tested. They work and people are continually in need of them.


We offer you our brands, which provide well-recognized products and services within the financial industry. These brands work together to help people realize their financial dreams. Our brands include FastUnsecured, CorporateCashCredit, WholesaleShelfCorporations, DeletionExpert, InquiryBusters, and TopTradelines. Most of our products include financing opportunities so you can reach customers with different budget sizes.


3. Instead of receiving income from every working hour, you can make large amounts of money with minimal effort.


You do not have to work endlessly to guarantee high earnings. The business will quickly pay for itself. Your profits will depend on the number of leads you reach per day and how many deals you close.


You will earn a profit immediately after an order has been paid for by one of your clients. You buy products and services from us at a heavily discounted price and you keep the profits to yourself. If you are a Funding CEO Branded business then the commissions are 33% on all products and services, from aged corporations to tradelines. A standard price is set by Funding CEO so you will have no pricing concerns. With this option, there is no risk of others undercutting you or that your prospects go somewhere else. If you are a Full-White Label, you will set your own prices. We still fulfill the orders, though they’re made under your name, and you will receive 50% of the success fees earned through your clients at FastUnsecured.com.


4. A proven business model.


Our companies are bring in a significantly satisfied customer base. You do not have to deal with the risk of starting a business based on a new idea you came up with on your own and you don’t have to do any research. With Funding CEO you will be assisted with training, support and help coming from an established corporation.


You will have a 4-hour initial product and sales training plus a 4-hour initial support training from our experts. Our staff, fully functional and highly skilled, is available 24 hours a day for you. They will provide you with all you need to complete each and every deal. And as a Full-White Label you will take over customer service on your own but we help you find the right person and train him or her as well so you can become almost fully independent.


5. You will receive a database of 500 Hot Leads so you can start selling immediately.


By taking advantage of our database you will not have to worry about finding new people every day. Moreover, our business already has “hot leads” that will be delivered to you upon request. These are potential clients that have shown interest in the products and services of our corporation and we have a large number coming in daily who respond positively to our conversion-oriented marketing campaigns.


There are two routes for working as a Funding CEO branded business, you can either become a FundingCEO Branded  or a Full-White Label.  So, if you like the financial world and consider yourself an ambitious and result-driven person this is the right work for home opportunity you. There’s an initial investment required to start but if you do not have the money you can obtain financing from us and pay the investment back with your first couple of deals.


Even if your credit is tarnished, we have experts who can work with you to find a quick solution so you can get funded easily. Your earning potential is so high that your credit will not be a problem at all. Contact us today at FundingCEO.com to learn more about this amazing opportunity!

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