Top Credit Repair Affiliate Programs you’ll get in 2018

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Top Credit Repair Affiliate Programs You’ll Get in 2018

Some of you might not know about affiliate programs, let me explain:

“Affiliate programs are the type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.”

Top Credit Repair affiliate programs are very common in 2018 and it is the type of affiliate programs financial services, every individual and companies wants to maintain their credit records with the supervision of experts and you can be one of that expert by providing your services from home, this can be really good earning for you. Many of the well-known companies are offering Top Credit Repair Affiliate Programs and do reward with best commissions. It can be healthy stream of monthly income for you.

By joining an affiliate programs, gives you the opportunity to start your own business or add an extra income to your existing business.

Looking for the Top Credit Repair Affiliate Programs? YES

Then you are looking at the best platform.

Top Credit Repair Affiliate Programs in 2018:



NO.1:   FundingCeo Affiliate Program :-

FundingCeo is one of the best affiliate website to launch your own business – professionally designed, completely customized and initiated with Search Engine Optimization and key words to assure its popularity in definitive searches. For Any Client You Submit to for unsecured funding will earn you 50% commission on all success fees collected from the client on approved credit accounts.  You don’t have to do anything other than submit the online application. They do absolutely everything else including collecting from your client into your bank account.


FundingCeo’s (You) are allowed to enjoy zero success fees when you use to fund yourselves or new businesses. With standard pricing that is set and controlled by FundingCEO, your clients can have confidence when buying from you because the price is competitive and they are getting the benefit of their business relationship with you.


NO.2:  Lexington Law Affiliate Program :-

Partner with Lexington law firm by joining their top credit repair affiliate programs and win $45 to a recorded $75 (may go significantly higher in light of volume) per deal. On the off chance that you are a home loan intermediary or advance officer, you additionally have the alternative to track the accomplishment of your referrals so you can reach them again once the credit repair process is finished and they are fit as a fiddle for an advance. Hot exchange alternatives so pretty much any individual who interacts with customers needing credit repair will have the capacity to profit by sending them to Lexington Law.


NO.3:  The Credit Repair Office :-

It’s  NO.1  allowed to enlist, triple layered commissions, prospect and customer following, itemized cancellation data, and programmed email warning. They pay their bonus on the fifteenth of the month after the customer’s enlistment. For each customer you send to HTDI Financial you receive $30, complete following capacities, and they do have one of the most elevated fix/erasure proportions in the business. They are the main credit repair affiliate company I’ve seen that posts their constant fix/cancellation proportion and in addition huge amounts of results from consistently returning for quite a long time.

Additionally, they have been doing business in 2004 so the will be the trend-setters of the credit repair programming and outsourcing industry and have unmatched experience.


NO.4:  National Financial Advocates Affiliate Program :-

NFA’s referral fees begin at $75 with the capacity to gain month to month residuals and execution rewards. They have one of the most noteworthy fix erase proportions in the credit repair industry and work on every negative thing, each of the three departments, each round. Aside from starting own credit repair company, they also provide hands on lucrative top credit repair affiliate programs to loan originators.


NO.5:  Credit Rx America Affiliate Program :-

Credit Rx America Affiliate program treat the affiliates to 20% of the fees gathered from your alluded client. In the event that a client has $1,500 worth of credit repair done that is $300 paid to the affiliate.


NO.6: Credit Repair VIP :-

They have an asset focus giving free downloads to the individuals who wish to do it all alone. On the off chance that they choose to designate the question procedure then they experience an underlying meeting, given online access, and a reasonable and brief perspective of how the credit repair process functions. Zero perplexity.


NO.7:  Pyramid Credit Repair Affiliate Program :-

A unique aspect of Pyramid’s business model is that the billing is month-to-month, so you’re never lock into a contract. Plus, the company promises your satisfaction, or your money back. While it’s Credit Experts work directly with creditors and the bureaus to dispute items and help repair your credit, the Pyramid Account Managers act as mediators between the experts and you, the client. They also pay from $50-$150 CPA.


NO.8: Affiliate Program :-

The company claims to have assisted over 80,000 customers in improving their credit reports and increasing their credit scores.’s top credit repair affiliate programs includes unlimited credit bureau, inquiry, name variance, and address variance challenges as well as unlimited goodwill interventions, escalated info requests, debt validation, and cease and desist requests.


NO.9:  Rising Point Solutions LLC Affiliate Program :-

Their transparent affiliate portal allows you to track your client’s progress, thus increase your loan approval. It caters loan originators in the best way possible and it is one of the good credit repair affiliate companies.


NO.10:  Creditmergency :-

They provide help and assist their clients in fixing bad credit ratings and history through affiliate programmers, who represent the company and deal with the clients in best possible way; they track progress with the innovative top credit repair affiliate programs.


Choose your top credit repair affiliate programs wisely and be successful by working from home with the best company. We recommend you to select FundingCeo because it is the top best credit repair affiliate company. Good luck!


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