Top 4 Work From Home Opportunities In The Financial Field

Working from home is a dream for many in today’s world. Avoiding tedious commuting and heavy traffic jams are relevant reasons behind that aspiration. Other individuals want to enjoy more time at home to take care of their children and to arrange their own convenient working schedule to perform multiple daily tasks. Maybe what you like is to wear comfortable clothes while enjoying a relaxing environment in front of your computer.


Whatever the reason may be, today’s technology opens work from home opportunities in ways that our parents could not imagine. There are plenty of alternatives related to different subjects, careers, and fields so you can even choose a job that not only helps you to balance your budget but also that fits within your professional interests and skills. We suggest looking beyond the money and trying to engage in an activity that will fulfill both financial and non-financial goals.


Thanks to this wide range of opportunities, working from home does not necessarily mean you’ll be isolated all day with no one to talk to. Several work from home opportunities provide occasions to relate to clients and colleagues, either virtually or personally. If you have a financial background because of your college degree or a past job experience, or maybe you simply like working in finance more than any other thing in the world, there are also plenty work from home opportunities out there.


We compiled a list of the top 4 work from home opportunities in the financial field so you can evaluate all the alternatives in the table to start your freelancing career today:


  1. Funding CEO: If you don’t want to be limited by a per hour rate, this is the work from home opportunity for you. Becoming a Funding CEO opens up the opportunity to make money on commissions rather than a per-hour rate and is not restricted by your working schedule. You can be the CEO of your own funding firm and all you have to do is contact people from home and offer them unsecured funding, which will be delivered through a network of affiliated companies that have a vast experience within the financial field. The more clients you contact the higher your chances are of closing big ticket deals. There are two ways to start working as a Funding CEO. The first is to become a Funding CEO Branded and the second, and highly recommended choice, is that you become a Full-White Label. If you are into the financial world and have high ambitions, this is the right work from home opportunity for you. Contact us today at com to learn more about this alternative.


  1. Day trader: This is also a great work from home opportunity if you always visualized yourself as being a financial trader. You can now become a trader in the comfort of your home by engaging in day trading activities. This means that you hold positions in stocks for minutes or maybe hours, but not more than that. You make many trades each day but, at night, you go to bed and relax while the markets remain closed. Due to the high risk involved in security trading, there is no guarantee that you will get positive net results. You can win attractive amounts but you can also experience loses during the course of your daily activities. However, you should know that there are higher chances to be successful if you prepare enough by learning the proper skills to be a trader. There are numerous tools, softwares, and reports that give you the appropriate information, as well as the signals that will point you in the right direction to make profitable trading decisions, and that is why you should be fully trained since the beginning. In addition, you must have access to real-time quotes and business data. Finally, you should be a person that can live with loses if they come, which means having the stomach to deal with whatever the day brings.


  1. Financial Advisor: This option works mainly for people with solid a financial academic background and expertise. Basically, an independent financial advisor or financial planner is a professional that helps individuals and companies to achieve their long-term financial goals. The advisor recommends purchases of financial and non-financial assets as well as other decisions that allow the client to achieve his or her financial goals. If you fit in this job description you have to promote yourself as a reliable advisor to potential clients. When working from home, you will save overhead expenses such as rent and services associated with maintaining an office space on your own. But be careful, in most cases, a professional image is important to convince someone that you are the right advisor. You have to evaluate if your house is the best place to hold business meetings in case you need to. Although an advisor generally meets in his client’s offices, you must think about remodeling your home if you think that will help show a more professional environment in certain situations. Another option is to make an arrangement with a friend to rent his office space for a few hours per week, or, there are also some services that allow you to rent office space for certain hours any given day.


  1. Corporate finance. This job category holds all professionals that work in the financial department of a company, including accountants and financial analysts. Thanks to the Internet, more firms are now hiring these services from independent workers instead of hiring on-site employees. For companies there are many advantages to doing so—they save office space and management time allocated to daily supervision and coaching. The professional has the benefit of working from home and freedom to work for several clients, thus expanding their income. If you have enough knowledge and experience to promote yourself as an independent corporate finance professional, this could an excellent work from home opportunity for you.

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