10 Tips To Create A Great Work Environment At Home

Many people love the idea of working from home. Undoubtedly, there are a lot of advantages of doing so. You avoid commuting and traffic jams and it is often easier to achieve a good professional-personal life balance.  However, many individuals forget how important your work from home environment may be. The setting where you work on, despite being a part of your own home, might do more harm than good if it’s too distracting. In contrast, working from home creates an environmentt that supports your concentration and creativity. When done right, working from home can be a perfect solution to long commutes.


Taking that into account, you should start making improvements to your work from home environment by implementing these 10 tips to set a great atmosphere in your home office.


1. Choose your favorite decoration style


Even if you have not been able to remodel your entire house yet, you have the chance to make your home office a satisfying space that promotes focused work. It can be just a small corner in the living room or simply a desk with a chair located in your bedroom. No matter the size, pick the furniture, colors and decoration that you love the most. This will give you a sense of accomplishment in a comfortable environment every time you go to work.



2. Be organized


In general, organized and clean environments generate a pleasant feeling. As soon as you finish with some materials and papers, take just few seconds to put everything in the right place. This way, you will be able to find them when you need them, saving a considerable amount of valuable time. You will also be more attracted to start working every morning if you look at your home office and see an organized, beautiful space.



3. Keep all you need at hand


When trying to boost productivity it is essential to eliminate unnecessary switches from one task to another. If you have to leave the desk several times per hour because the materials you need are kept too far from your work space, your concentration and time will be negatively affected. Identify your most frequent working tools and keep them close.



4. Consider the ergonomics


Choose a comfortable table and chair. This will be a good way to save yourself some pain and discomfort since you will spend many hours a week there. You have to take care of your overall health if you are an independent worker. It is really important that you consider ergonomics when you go out to pick your work from home environment furniture.




5. Take advantage of the natural light


It is very important to have a source of natural light in your home office. If possible, place your desk near the window. This will be great for your work from home environment and you will be able to look through the window every time you need to pause.



6. Make sure you have adequate artificial light


Even if you have abundant natural light, you will need appropriate lamps as sunlight will eventually go away or change throughout the day. Artificial light will be particularly relevant when you have to read or check something that’s not on your computer or cell phone screen.


7. Put special objects on display


Maybe a nice picture of your children or a souvenir from a wonderful vacation. Any object that makes you feel good will do the trick. A piece of art can also be a great source of inspiration. Take a moment to find something special and positive for you and place it somewhere that will be easily visible throughout your work day.



8. Add comfy spaces


Even if you have to use your computer most of the time, it is likely that you’ll want to move around throughout the day. Design a comfy space with a sofa or simply get another chair where you can lay back for a while to alter the routine. Maybe you have to read a chapter of a book or watch an instructional video and can relax a bit. Take advantage of those activities to change places or positions.



9. Include greenery


Plants are good for everybody. Include some greenery in your work from home environment to promote health and clean air in your work space. If you think that there is not enough room for a large pot, simply choose a small one or a collection of mini plants that will always look good on any desk.


10. Avoid time-wasters


A great home workspace environment increases your productivity. Keeping this in mind, you have to make sure to remove any device or object that could be a time-waster for you. Maybe this is your smartphone, continuously making sounds and notifications, or a TV that you are tempted to watch. No matter which element it is that is keeping you distracted from doing your job, put it somewhere else.



Even if your main motivator is making money when working from home, don’t forget that your mood will either make you more or less productive. For this reason, you should make an effort to improve your work environment at home to keep you pumped up during the day.




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